TESUP Expands Manufacturing to Macedonia

Sustainable Renewable Energy Solutions in the Balkans Region

As a leading renewable energy company, we are once again proud to announce the opening of our new manufacturing facility in Macedonia. This new facility, in addition to our existing manufacturing facilities around the world, will allow us to expand our production capacity and better serve our customers in the Balkans region. 


Tesup is committed to providing sustainable, renewable energy solutions for the environment. With our new manufacturing facility in Macedonia, we will be able to produce high-quality wind turbines and solar panels locally, reducing transportation emissions and improving our overall environmental impact.


Our new facility in Macedonia will play a vital role in delivering our products to neighbouring countries such as Kosovo, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, and Albania. By manufacturing locally, we will significantly reduce carbon emissions associated with shipping and transportation.


We are excited to be expanding our manufacturing capabilities in Macedonia and look forward to continuing to develop cutting-edge renewable energy solutions that help protect the planet and improve people’s lives. Thank you for witnessing our achievements.