Tips from a wind turbine technician

It can be tricky to ensure your wind turbines are installed and maintained correctly, helping them to live a long life of providing you with power. Today we are going to suggest some tips that will make sure your turbine happily spins away for years to come!


Mounting your turbine:

It is very important to anchor your turbine properly and with the correct equipment. Anchoring your turbine improperly could result in damage to your turbine or your property. Attach your turbine base to a strong material to correctly anchor your turbine (for example bolting your turbine to a concrete structure is much more secure than bolting to a flimsy wooden one).


TESUP can provide a mounting pole to directly attach your wind turbine to. This is suitable for flat ground or flat roofed structures such as caravans. Mounting your turbine on a mounting pole will increase the wind speed at your turbine, helping it to generate more power! If you would like to mount your turbine to a sloped roof we recommend a custom solution depending on your roof as suitable hardware can vary between roof shapes. If you are unsure about turbine placement or anchoring TESUP provides consultancy services as well as editing photos of your property to show you potential wind turbine placements! These services can be found by following the links below.


TESUP turbines come partially assembled when delivered so some assembly is required. When assembling your turbine make sure to have all connections tightened properly (but not overly tight as this can put stress on the structure of the turbine). A good rule of thumb is to tighten all the way till you cannot tighten the fastener anymore then loosen the bolt by half turn backwards.