The future is in the wind

September has come, and you can already feel the slight autumn coolness. The nights are getting longer and the autumn wind is getting stronger.

A stronger jet stream means that areas of low pressure develop more often and more intensely, bringing wind and rain – a trait that is typically associated with ourweather during autumn.

Thousands of new TESUP Wind Turbines customers will be able to benefit from the windy season by having our products at their homes and getting free electricity from wind and at the same time saving our planet.

According to IRENA’s Global Energy Transformation roadmap wind power could cover more than one-third of global power needs (35%), becoming the world’s foremost generation source. To fulfill this aim, the world’s installed wind power capacity must reach 6 000 gigawatts – over 10 times the current level – by 2050. This would include 5 000 GW of onshore wind and 1 000 GW of offshore wind.

Accelerated wind power deployment, coupled with increased electrification,could deliver one-quarter (or nearly 6.3 gigatonnes) of the annual CO₂ emissionreductions needed by 2050.

TESUP confidently continues its mission, gaining new customers all over theworld and thus contributing to green energy.

The latest geopolitical events have put a spotlight on the urgent need to reinforcesecurity of supply, reduce energy dependency and shield against market disruptions caused by high prices. Again, this can only be achieved with a massivedeployment of renewables.

Even if green energy still faces some difficulties in regulation, especially in the private and residential sectors, the general path of humanity's transition to renewable energy sources will be bigger and bigger every year.

As stated Morten Dyrholm, Chairman of Global Wind Energy Council “Energy security has become a critical issue alongside the climate crisis. Energy systems built on the foundation of wind and solar are not only critical to cut greenhouse gas emissions, but they are also necessary to ensure our resilience against the heightening volatility around fossil fuels, and the uncertainty stirred by geopolitical conflicts. As these uncertainties become more complex, governments around the world would be advised to respond by accelerating the energy transition and not by slowing it down, thereby increasing planetary and societal return on investment.”

TESUP will continue to keep up with the times creating products for the comfort of our customers and the green future of our planet. In the meantime, we suggestyou buy our Wind Turbines to take advantage of the windy autumn weather and save on electricity bills.