Sailing across the Atlantic Ocean with TESUP!

Başak Mireli, who traveled a staggering 2,384 miles in just 24 days, has made history by being the woman to safely sail across the Atlantic Ocean alone. She is now focused on a more difficult task: Crossing the Pacific Ocean, which she is excited to experience and learn more about. As TESUP, we supported her by providing wind turbines for electricity generation during her first Ocean sailing journey, and we will continue supporting her on her upcoming challenges too!

Dedication and ambition are the two factors to achieve your goals. You may think it is hard or impossible to achieve yet you don’t have enough belief in yourself.
We are extremely proud and happy of Mirelli to achieve her goal and she wants more. She pushed the boundaries of what is possible and broke down barriers in a traditionally male-dominated field.
She set out on an extraordinary journey on December 23 aboard her sailboat named "Istanbul" leaving the Cape Verde Islands. Mirelli arrived on the Caribbean island of Martinique's sun-drenched shores after 24 days of rough seas.
She describes herself as a flying bird during this 24 days amazing voyage. She faced many difficulties but it was worth the experience in the middle of the ocean, with nothing but only the stars and sea creatures.
She was not alone on this voyage as she had a wind turbine generated for the boat. She was unplugged from the grid and freely sailed across the ocean. The combination of the wind turbine, technology, and her ambition enabled her to achieve this remarkable feat.
She is proud to sail solo in the Atlantic Ocean and expresses her desire to see more women sailing in the sea.
She has not only achieved an incredible feat, but she has also served as an inspiration for other women who dream of sailing solo across the Atlantic Ocean. She has shown that with determination and hard work, anything is possible. Their voyages have also shown that sailing is not just a man's sport, but a sport that can be enjoyed by people of all genders.
Freedom is an immense concept depending on the desires of a person. For her, it was to sail solo in the ocean. For you, it may be the whole of Europe or something else. You can achieve them as long you follow your dreams.
Supporting and admiring women sailors, we would like to sponsor and contribute to these kinds of achievements. We believe they will inspire us and other women who have doubts to pursue their dreams. People with great ambition, especially women, are always welcome at Tesup. Tesup is a means of your achievements through your path. We can help to break down barriers and pave the way for more women to succeed in the sailing community.
One more time we would like to thank Mirelli for her success and wish her many more successes!