Meet the new TESUP ATLAS 7 and X7 the World’s most preferred wind turbines!
Something important has been cooking in our kitchen for a while and now it is time to share it with you. Meet the new ATLAS X7 and ATLAS 7! Our ATLAS wind turbines have been upgraded and they are now more powerful, durable, ergonomic and stylish than ever! With their new generator, they can generate up to 7 kWh of electricity per hour.
TESUP ATLAS wind turbines are the World’s most preferred household vertical wind turbines. As the global leader, we continuously work on our products’ enhancements, even for our best-seller products as innovation never stops. More power, new innovative design and better durability at a very affordable price!
What is new?
More power, more electricity and savings
New ATLAS models come with a more powerful and efficient 7 kW generator. They can generate up to 168 kWh per day! NEW ATLAS models are engineered to provide better grip between the body and the blades so that when blades turn, its rotary movement (force) is transferred to the generator without loss of power. So it makes the ATLAS Wind Turbines more efficient.
New stylish and ergonomic design
The newly enhanced body provides ATLAS wind turbines with a more modern look and better protection from external factors. Plus, the new cool grey colour makes the products look really cool and premium!
Easier assembly
ATLAS X7 has a new guiding frame which makes it even easier to assemble. With this new frame, it is really easy to keep the wings in line to fit the upper flange. All you need to do is to assemble your wind turbine following each step in the product user manual. The total assembly process only takes 30 minutes.
Better durability
Now we use stainless steel fasteners on both ATLAS models for better durability.
New ATLAS X7 gives you 6 or 12-blade options to adjust the number of blades on your turbine depending on the average wind speed at your specific location.
parts of Atlas wind turbine series
Now you can enjoy generating clean energy with more powerful, durable and stylish TESUP products. Order your ATLAS wind turbine today, the combination of power and innovative design.