Have you met Hande?
Introducing the Regulatory Wizard
Welcome to another exciting chapter of our Team Series, where we tell the stories and careers of our exceptional TESUP team members. Today, let's meet Hande, a remarkable chemical engineer who has seamlessly transitioned from the world of pharmaceuticals to the renewable energy sphere. She plays a pivotal role in ensuring our products meet global regulatory standards, all while sprinkling a little quirkiness into her daily routine.
Hande's journey began with a master's degree in Pharmaceutical Technology and a decade of experience in various facets of the pharmaceutical industry. However, the twists and turns of life led her to TESUP, where she now ensures our products comply with regulatory requirements across diverse global markets. Her role extends beyond paperwork; she's actively involved in preparing and maintaining regulatory documentation, conducting risk assessments, and supporting risk management activities.
At TESUP, Hande's career has undergone a remarkable evolution. The shift from pharmaceuticals to renewable energy has transformed the way she approaches her work and solves problems. TESUP's innovation-driven environment has played a vital role in her career growth, encouraging her to approach ideas with fresh perspectives. This creative approach contributes to our ongoing success in the realm of sustainable energy.
One of the aspects Hande values most about TESUP is the exquisite balance between her professional and personal life. In the lively TESUP setting, the opportunity to nurture personal relationships and engage in self-care takes center stage. This unique work culture places a premium on overall well-being, affording Hande the precious time to connect with family, friends, and invest in her personal wellness.
In Hande's life, a typical day is anything but typical. Her biggest challenge is actively toggling between three languages. After speaking English at a TESUP meeting, she might find herself at a parent-teacher gathering, actively participating in German. Occasionally, the languages become delightfully intertwined, leading to amusing situations where English instructions take on a German flavor, and vice versa. This linguistic acrobatics, though, presents the occasional challenge to her concentration.
On a monthly basis, Hande is resolute in ensuring that all our products comply with the requisite legal standards. She meticulously reviews the European norms underpinning the product's directives and implements necessary revisions. This commitment represents a significant stride towards enhancing TESUP's sustainability and upholding the highest standards in the renewable energy sector.
woman in the woods
When Hande isn't championing regulatory compliance or sustainability, she enjoys a variety of hobbies and boasts a few unique quirks. She maintains her physical fitness by hitting the gym regularly and indulges in a spirited game of tennis. But, here's where it gets interesting: Hande can't seem to muster a laugh while watching comedy movies or comedians. Instead, she finds her concentration in bustling cafes rather than quiet settings, where she's more productive. She always has symphonic metal music playing in the background while working or reading. And, in a delightful twist, she can't enjoy an egg without drizzling it with honey.
Hande is a true treasure within the TESUP family. With her combination of expertise, adaptability, and a sprinkle of uniqueness, she adds a dynamic and innovative dimension to renewable energy. We are privileged to have her on our team, steering the company's dedication to sustainability and well-being, one regulatory document and honey-drizzled egg at a time. Hande, you're a regulatory wizard, and we're lucky to have you on board!