Doubled Manufacturing Workforce

Tesup has doubled its manufacturing workforce internationally this month to reach our bigger goals!

The rapid growth of solar and wind energy in recent years has given hope to international efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and limit the most dangerous effects of climate change. In this rapid growth of solar and wind energy, TESUP takes an active part by doubling our manufacturing workforce internationally.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres noted, “Renewable energy technologies such as wind and solar already exist, and in most cases are cheaper than coal and other fossil fuels. Now we need to put them to work, urgently, at scale, and quickly. " And that's how TESUP grows.

Can you imagine, that together, solar and wind energy barely accounted for 1.7% of the world's electrical production in 2010? It increased to 8.7% by last year, greatly beyond what was first expected by popular energy models. For instance, the International Energy Agency predicted in 2012 that by 2030, the world will produce 550 terrawatt-hours of solar energy, but that prediction was surpassed already in 2018.

We would be amazed to see how much the cost of renewable energy has decreased and how yearly deployment has doubled if we could travel back in time to a decade ago.

Will we still be as surprised in 2030 or 2050? Depending on what we do right away. That's why TESUP always makes decisions and acts wisely, keeping up with the times. Our answer to today's realities is to increase our capacity and increase production so that everyone can use renewable energy, saving money and saving the world.

Having started to work in 2017, we have now grown into an international company, the world's biggest household wind turbines and flexible solar panel manufacturer. With Headquarters and management in England and California we have local companies all around the world and next day door delivery in 30 countries as of 2022. TESUP UK, TESUP US, TESUP CA, TESUP DE, TESUP ES, TESUP NL, etc...

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and unprecedented global energy crisis that was triggered by it prompted us to act even more effectively than we have acted until these days. Tesup is increasing its capacity and now our products will also be produced in England. Our customers will get even faster delivery and our goal of Tesup renewable energy in every home is now even closer.

You can also take the step towards a sustainable future for your home now and order our products.