Do I need a charge controller?

Wind turbine setup can sometimes seem a little complicated with all the different components you could need or want for your power setup. TESUP thought it would be useful to give a bit more background on some of the components.

To start with, what is a charge controller? Do you need one? And where can you get one?


A charge controller is an electrical device which is connected in a system between a wind turbine and a battery based electricity storage system. It constantly monitors your battery’s voltage level, making sure it does not exceed dangerous levels. If the voltage goes too high the charge controller dissipates the excess electricity by sending the electricity to a ‘dump’ component (such as a heating element). This makes sure your batteries don’t get damaged when you are charging them with your wind turbine.

You will need a charge controller if you plan on charging batteries with your wind turbine. Batteries are particularly common in off-the-grid systems as they can store energy for later use without relying on an electrical grid.

You can easily purchase a charge controller by adding one to your order when you purchase your wind turbine. Simply check the box for the charge controller before you add your wind turbine to the basket and a suitable charge controller will be added to your order! The voltage you select depends on the maximum voltage you would like your battery system to top out at.